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Oct 3, 2021

“The River ran through the lives of our grandparents; it runs through our lives; it will run through the lives of our grandchildren. A dynamic force masked by a static constancy, the River will speak to those who listen — our land speaks.”

The Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) became law in 1971 and with that, it conveyed more than 45 million acres of land to village and regional corporations in Alaska. One of these corporations was Doyon Limited, an entity that today is a multi-billion dollar corporation and looks after an area the size of France. Negotiating access to land and navigating the rights that indigenous people have on that land are becoming critical issues for many industries. A lot of the dialogue on improving the dialogue with native title groups is often driven by the industry or government. What about the perspective from the other side? In this episode, we sit down for a chat with Aaron Schutt, President and Chief Executive Officer of Doyon, Limited. We find out why being brave matters.

Let's explore.